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Islam bestowed upon the human race about fourteen hundred years ago. For this noble mission, God sent his best messengers, the Messenger of God, God bless him and grant him peace. Before that, God blessed mankind with the rest of the religions with their apostles and their holy books. Islam did not cover all of humanity at once. Instead, humanity has emerged over a long period of time in the form of other religions, with some teachings of Islam present in the present. If he had risen upon all of humanity at once, humanity could not have borne the burden. Islam has descended on mankind over a very long period of time.

Islam is the highest of all religions and this is the reason why so many lives were sacrificed for the cause of Islam’s Nobel Prize. This is the reason why the Islamic teachings remain with us as they did with other Muslims when Islam was blessed with humanity. Islamic teachings have not been altered in any way, form or form. The beloved Islamic teachings offer the best rules of conduct that can be implemented in people’s lives to make their life as perfect as possible.

Acquiring Islamic knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim, and learning it and teaching it to others – without a doubt – is the best way to be successful in this world and in the hereafter. the messenger of God; Muhammad, peace be upon him, had a great interest in learning Islamic knowledge.

The pursuit of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.

Hadith Shareef

Learning the basic knowledge of Islam and teaching it to our children is very essential for us. In our digital life today, learning Islamic teachings has become very easy but at the same time very complicated. We listen, everything is available on the Internet, we research and we read, but not everything that is available on the Internet can be considered real and reliable. Therefore, we have to be very careful about where you and your children learn the Islamic teachings. Who they are and what they know is very important.

To counter this scenario, LearnTheHolyQuran has prepared a very compact and concise online Islamic education course. This Islamic online course covers all the basic topics that a Muslim should know.

The most important thing nowadays is that children do not have a clear picture of Islamic teachings, it is very important that they have knowledge of Islamic teachings so that they can implement them in their life for a better life. . It is very important to convey the true image of Islam to our children and to the world today. There are many misconceptions and myths about Islam that need to be cleared from the minds of our new generation with the help of an online Islamic educational academy powered by LearnTheHolyQuran. Online Islamic education classes are like physical classes at school where you and your teacher can discuss any topic about Islam, in this way it can be a valuable resource for learning Islamic studies. in line. This positive ambition of LearnTheHolyQuran can be of great benefit to any Muslim who wishes to learn the Islamic teachings. You can ask all your questions about any Islamic issue or about Sharia rules and regulations that otherwise would not have gone unanswered.

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