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Understanding Quran Online (Tafseer-e-Quran)

The Quran was revealed to the Muslim nation about fourteen hundred years ago. The knowledge it contains is so vast and important that it has taken about twenty-three years to be fully revealed. This is the reason why memorizing the whole Quran takes years, and if it is memorized with tafsir (understanding the meaning of each verse and sura), it takes longer. Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that the Quran is the most recited book but the least understood. Unfortunately, the miserable reality of the Islamic world is that millions of Muslims around the world read the Holy Quran daily, listen to it and try to learn it to read and recite it well, but how many of them are able to understand it, and how many of them? They try to be guided and to apply it in their life, which is very important for all Muslims.

Most of the people who learn and read the Quran do not care much about understanding the meaning and context of the Quran, simply because they are always in a hurry, as in Islam, to recite the Quran with short periods of time. time is mandatory. Reciting the Quran is also a problem-solving gift enjoyed by Muslims around the world. Learning the Quran is also part of the life of a Muslim, as the verses and suras of the Quran are recited during prayer, but many people do not go to the extra effort to understand the meaning and context. Nowadays, people are so busy in their life that even when they have the time, they prefer to use their cell phone or other electronic gadgets instead of understanding the Quran, however, learning the interpretation of the Quran does not is not possible just by reading its meaning from a book, but it is very necessary to understand it, under the supervision of qualified and experienced Islamic scholars or online Quran interpretation teachers who know the Arabic language, grammar, hadiths and basic principles of Islamic law. LearnTheHolyQuran understands the importance of understanding the Quran in the right way and offers online courses to understand the Quran and learn the interpretation of the Quran.

LearnTheHolyQuran is one of the trusted and famous institute for learning Quran interpretation online. At LearnTheHolyQuran, we have highly qualified and expert Muslim scholars who know how to teach the Quran and make it easy for learners to understand. We have online tutors in Tafsir who can teach in many languages ​​like English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi. Our teachers are certified and licensed by renowned Islamic universities to teach Quran interpretation online.

Things learned at a young age learn faster and stay with you for the rest of your life. That is why LearnTheHolyQuran has taken this positive ambition to be able to get people to learn Quran interpretation online, so that you can understand the meaning of this holy book online. No matter where you are, with online services you can learn it wherever you want. You and Your Children Can Understand the Quran Under the supervision of our qualified KoranHost teachers, you can now understand the Quran in its real meaning via Skype or Zoom into your home at a time convenient for you. Interpretation: the interpretation, interpretation, interpretation or disclosure of something. Quran interpretation means the interpretation or explanation of the Holy Quran to understand its real meaning. What is meant in the interpretation is to explain to mankind the book that God has revealed to them, and there is no doubt that it is the best of mankind’s books.

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